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Strategy / Identity / Print / Digital / Motion / Environment


Concept development and art direction for an exhibition in London by Bao Bao Issey Miyake. Titled as “BAO BAO VOICE - Touch, Move, Hear, Play”, the exhibition, held during the London Design Festival in 2019, was an interactive multi-sensory event, displaying the unique design and aesthetics of the brand’s iconic bags in an immersive experience.

Bao Bao Issey Miyake collections are famous for their innovative geometric structure composed of triangular pieces. Thanks to the construction of the bags, they can turn into all sorts of three-dimensional forms and shapes that show diverse expressions whenever and however they are in use. Merging this unique structural character with movements and sounds, we created an interactive experience where visitors can feel the structures, shapes and textures of the bags like a musical instrument. We used the cutting edge technology to stimulate various senses; when visitors moved the bags in particular ways, synchronising sounds were triggered and a series of visuals were projected onto an ever-changing screen in front of them.

The event also featured an installation of an archive collection selected from the Lucent series of Bao Bao. Displaying more than 100 bags against the wall not only produced an eye-opening scene but also showcased the brand’s endless pursuit for new materials and technical innovation. We communicated the ethereal beauty and playful nature of Bao Bao Issey Miyake by presenting the brand’s DNA in a more dynamic, interactive experience.


Creative Direction: Anyhow
Art Direction: Anyhow
Space Design: Anyhow
Graphic Design: Anyhow
Archive Installation: ISSEY MIYAKE INC.
Sound Installation, Sound Design and Software Development: Manabu Shimada
Hardware Development: Ken Fujiyoshi
Animation Direction and Motion Technical Supervisor: Jan Urbanowski
Promotional Film Direction and Sound: CATK
Videography: Asami Ohkubo
Photography: Taran Wilkhu

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