A Piece
of Gold

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A Piece
of Gold


Strategy / Identity / Print / Digital / Motion / Environment


Comprehensive direction and design, from visuals to space, for an in-house project “A Piece of Gold” exhibition. The project was launched to reconsider the significance of design through gold used in jewellery.

The precious metal, which often reflects the social and economic landscape of the world, has always lured people. But the exhibition director and jewellery designer Ami Masamitsu is more fascinated by its characters as a pure material that inspires designers to be creative than its sheer monetary value.

Based on the director’s perspective, we directed the exhibition to highlight the manufacturing skills and design essence of the gold jewelleries, not the valuable metal itself, by showcasing the works of ten like-minded contemporary designers from Japan and abroad.

The exhibition, which also displayed rare antique gold pieces from a collector’s archive, was held at the Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto in February 2023 and is scheduled to tour around Japan and abroad in the future.


Creative Direction: Anyhow
Art Direction: Anyhow
Design: Anyhow
Animation: Jonathan Umemura-Pound
Sound Design: Manabu Shimada
Web Development: Kazuya Okamoto

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