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Echizen Washi


Strategy / Identity / Print

  • Creative direction: Anyhow
  • Art direction: Anyhow
  • Design & Illustration: Anyhow

The provincial branding project aiming to succeed the value of Echizen Washi to the world and next generation as an exceptional brand with its 1500 year of history. Through the project, we clarified the brand DNA, established the brand strategy, and created the brand story and identity. The design for the E of Echizen is inspired by the traditional tool for making Washi paper. The W for Washi represents the manufacturing process of Washi paper. The movement of the design gives the impression of anticipation. Also, the design of the letter W varies according to where it is used. This reflects the versatility of Echizen Washi and how it can accommodate the needs of customers.


    Define and share the essential value and brand DNA of Echizen Washi which boasts long history and tradition.

  • IDEA

    Present Echizen Washi brand, which has been rooted in the noble province where highly specialised individuals and technique gather, as Bespoke Washi brand. Share the brand story that tells the comprehensive strength of the province that can accommodates any difficult needs, and dignity of the bespoke product, and visually express the close-knit community of people who love washi making.


    Phase 1: Brand strategy

    Market analysis, Brand workshop, Brand DNA

    Phase 2: Identity

    Brand concept, Brand story, Creative direction, Brand strategy, Visual identity, Brand book