SXSW 2016
Japan House

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SXSW 2016
Japan House


Illustration / Identity / Print / Digital


Founded in 1987, the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival is held annually in Austin, Texas, encompassing music, films and interactive media. In 2016, under the theme of “Extension of Humanity”, the exhibitor Japan House, a group of Japanese companies, demonstrated how technology translates into stories.

We created its brand identity and the overall art direction. Inspired by vintage American sticker designs, we executed the visual identity on a black background with colourful and graphic illustrations of newly evolved, odd-shaped imaginary human cells that are monster-esque and yet attractive. We also left a quiet mark of Japan with a small symbol of the traditional Japanese roof. The art direction was executed in line with the playful visual concept to trigger a sense of excitement.


Creative Direction: Naoto Oiwa
Art Direction: Anyhow
Design: Anyhow
Illustration: Anyhow
Production: AOI Pro.

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