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Nano Second
nano universe


Digital / Print / Identity / Motion

  • Art direction: Anyhow
  • Film direction: Kei Ohta
  • Film photography: Senzo Ueno
  • Photography: Satoshi Minagawa
  • Production: Teppei Yoshihara
  • Production management: Rikiya Saito
  • Web Direction: Kazuki Shiraki
  • Web Development: Ryuji Yoshida / Takuya Abe / SISAN
  • Production: AOI Pro.

The Japanese clothing retailer Nano Universe is all about condensing and “depicting the moment.” We created a web campaign for their 2013 Autumn / Winter collection. The concept was called NANO SECOND, a 3-minute “frozen time” short film that serves as a web catalogue. Viewers could click directly into the film to view the individual items of the new collection or watch the entire film narrative. Nano Second’s unique approach in terms of its look and function are a departure from the traditional paper catalogue and picture-based web catalogue. It won an FWA site of the day award.


| Awards |

ADFEST 2014 winner
Interactive Lotus: best consumer website “Bronze”
Film Lotus: Interactive film “Bronze”
FWA winner / Site of the day october 09 2013
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